Päivi Räsänen and ADF UK Executive Director Paul Coleman together.

The ability to live out your faith is on the frontlines. Join her crowdfunded defence team today

Päivi Räsänen: Free Speech on Trial Again

Censorship zones ban volunteers from offering help and support to pregnant women

Charged for Silent Prayer

Save Yahaya and help overturn blasphemy laws now!

End Blasphemy Laws

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce

Support Isabel, who is facing arrest again over silent prayer

Support Isabel Vaughan-Spruce

This Catholic priest is suffering the draconian consequences of censorship zones

About Father Sean

Sign the petition now - Ask the PM to pass the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill

Free Speech on Campus Bill

Prayer matters

Rosa was arrested for taking a prayer walk as part of her daily exercise during lockdown. We're supporting her in challenging her fine, because everyone can pray in a public space.

Prayer matters

Challenging “thought-crimes”- Charity volunteer arrested for silent prayer

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce: Her Case

For Christian women, Pakistan is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Maira’s case shows the terrible practice of forced conversion through marriage, which affects around 1,000 religious minority girls every year.


Equipping employers to facilitate an inclusive working environment that respects the religious beliefs of employees.

Christianity in the Workplace

Working to ensure that governments recognize and act to protect the most persecuted people in the world.

End Persecution Now

Canon Tom’s community needs an open church to turn to for comfort and hope. Freedom to worship in public is a human right.

Let Us Worship