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ADF UK defends Rosa’s fundamental right to pray

Rosa’s right to pray is vital

ADF UK defends fundamental freedoms nationally and internationally in three ways:

Seeking Justice for our Clients

We advocate for our clients in courtrooms around the world alongside an alliance of thousands of lawyers.

Targeting the Root Causes

We engage at the highest levels of law and governance, securing precedent-setting victories that benefit everyone.

Raising Up Future Leaders

We mobilize the lawyers and leaders of tomorrow to bring about structural, systemic change for future generations.


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Don't Censor Help

Council “community safety” officers confront women praying in Bournemouth, even outside of abortion “censorship zone”

Summary Livia Tossici-Bolt was urged by officers to “move on” after praying OUTSIDE a local “censorship zone” which prohibits prayer within 150m of abortion facilities Authorities clamp down on prayer…
Don't Censor Help

TODAY: UK Supreme Court to consider censorial “buffer zones” outside abortion facilities

Can the government censor people in public spaces simply because of their pro-life views?
Don't Censor Help

WIN for Grandmother arrested for prayer walk – but parts of UK seek to make public prayer ban permanent

Is a silent prayer on a public street a criminal act? Not according to the case of 76-year-old grandmother Rosa Lalor, from Liverpool, who has successfully challenged a penalty given…

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