Consider helping us to serve others more effectively next year by making a financial gift.

When we support a client, we offer them: 

  • Expert advice from our legal team; 

  • Funding for external legal counsel; 

  • Careful selection of the appropriate specialist lawyer for their situation; 

  • Step by step support along the way; 

  • Media support and training; 

  • Professional media asset production. 

All without charge. 

The number of people asking for our help has grown over the last year, and we desperately require an additional lawyer to respond to their needs.

Our financial year ends on 30 June and we are currently £40,000 short of our annual fundraising goal.

£11,915 of £40,000 raised

As a purely donation-dependent organisation, we rely on people like you.

Your donation will support our work to protect fundamental freedoms, including everybody’s right to freedom of speech and pray in public, which is a top priority for 2022-2023. Donations received by ADF UK will be used in compliance with UK law. Please visit for a full overview of our data protection policy.