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Glasgow priest takes legal action against ministers to stop UK divide on lockdown right to worship

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Scotland (February 17th, 2021) “A Glasgow priest has launched a legal action to stop a north-south divide on the right to worship during lockdown.

Canon Tom White whose St Alphonsus parish is in the heart of the city’s famous Barras has issued a pre-action letter to the Scottish Government demanding it ends the blanket ban on places of worship.

A response must be made before Tuesday February 23.

Lockdown measures designed to stop the spread of coronavirus have forced places of worship to shut.

Canon Tom’s case is being supported by ADF International, the faith-based legal organisation which is at the forefront of taking action to support religious freedom, both in the UK and around the world. It is concerned that with the present ban Scottish worshippers face criminal penalties for going to church while their neighbours in England, Wales and Northern Ireland can attend with safety measures in place.”

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